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It's rare, but every once in a while....

I like being me.

The Crimson Bohemian
26 March 1981
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You know how you feel when you wake up suddenly in a strange place, and the world is too bright and loud and it's all spinny? What happens if you get stuck like that?
absinthe, astronomy, bad4good, bed head, being called peter pan, books, calvin & hobbes, capoeira, cbn, christ becomes nuclear, chuck palahniuk, city of lost children, combos, convenience stores, daniel quinn, danny elfman, david fincher, diesexual, discworld, donnie darko, dr. seuss, dreadlocks, eternal sunshine, fable, fantomas, fight club, franken berry, geek, glassjaw, gwar, halo, homestar runner, hostels, house of leaves, imagination, in flames, incubus, indulgence, invader zim, ishmael, jack black, jhonen vasquez, johnny depp, johnny the homicidal maniac, jones soda, jthm, lilo and stitch, liquid television, love, m. night shyamalan, malteds, mike patton, mindless self indulgence, monkeys, moulin rouge, moxie, my girlfriend (not yours), neil gaiman, ninjas, no-bake cookies, noises off, nothingface, nudity, olives, onesidezero, patrick molloy, performing, peter pan, phonesex, photography, piercings, pirates, pizza, playing with dishsoap bubbles, pornography, reiki, roadtrips, robin williams, robot chicken, robots, rock city coffee, rodeo cheeseburgers, roundhouse, rpgs, samurai jack, serendipity anne moores chamberlain, shen ku, sifl & olly, simpsons, skin, skulldust, sleepytime gorilla museum, sparky mcguff, spooning, steve oedekerk, strong bad, suikoden, swedish fish, sybian, tantra, tattoos, tenacious d, terry pratchett, the nightmare before christmas, tim burton, tomahawk, tomorrow's retro future, trf, twizzlers, ultraspank, unearth, urda, vidja games, who framed roger rabbit, wonderbread sushi, xbox, z?