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Ok so I have an idea. Of course most of my ideas fizzle after a few days of intense excitement, but this one seems easy enough to actually follow through with. I want to compile a cookbook. I want to call it "Cooking With Junk Food," and, obviously, I want it to be all recipes that involve some sort of junk food. i.e., using flat soda as a base for a sauce or marinade, or perhaps using Coke syrup in homemade BBQ sauce. Maybe putting brown sugar and Southern Comfort in some butternut squash and baking it with a layer of Fluff on top. I'm into the idea of contacting companies to see if I can use their brand names as well.
Anyway what I'd love is submissions. I'm looking specifically at Nate & Jen, Haley & Justin, and Megan Stuart. For some reason I feel like those people would already have some good ideas. I really really want to hear from people, my email address is, or I have a new one,
I am also on Skype now, but have not bought a mic. My name on there is........(ready?).....FunniestGuyInTheWorld. God I rock.
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