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Ok x 5

Ok couple of things. Number one HI. How is everyone?
Ok done with that bullshit.
Recently the internet frat boy known as Facebook has come down off its pretentious high horse and decided that now you can join based on college, work, or REGION. Thus, I think everyone should make a profile, for two reasons. One, I have made one and uploaded a million pictures of my friends, NONE OF WHOM HAVE FACEBOOK. See, you can tag pictures with other people's names so the pictures are viewable from their profile as well as yours, and well, just do it. It's easy. Two, if you type in Rockland, Me, as a region, NOTHING COMES UP. REPRESENT, PEOPLE.
Ok that's that.
Also, I have been listening to a lot of Yes lately, and oddly enough, it reminds me a lot of Jim Henson's music from like Fraggle Rock and stuff. I wonder if he was big into Yes. It wouldn't surprise me.
Ok I have to go to work soon. I work a lot.
Ok bye.
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